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At Viden Djurs we aim to strengthen the intercultural qualifications of our students and improve their global understanding. These are essential skills being a part of the job market.

Global understanding is important for the students who want to travel or work abroad as well as the students who want to work in a Danish company. A developed global understanding will increase the job opportunities for our students after graduation.

We strive to strengthen the personal, professional, and communicative qualifications of our students and teachers through mobility activities, study trips, exchange agreements, internships abroad, competitions and simulation games, and by including internationalization and international relations as a natural part of the education.

We believe that internationalization should be an integrated part of the teaching as well as information about the opportunity of studying and working abroad should be clear to the students.

Strategy and ambitions

At Viden Djurs our ambition is that all students should have the opportunity to travel abroad during their education. Furthermore, we wish to involve as many students as possible in international activities.

When it makes sense, we strive to include topics regarding internationalization as a part of the teaching. We try to involve the students in both the planning and execution of the international projects and travels.


The main goal of our strategy regarding internationalization is that every student should participate in international activities during their education.

  • Visit and be a part of a workplace abroad
  • Experience education abroad
  • Strengthen the general education
  • Interact with international students and teachers
  • Experience foreign cultures
  • Practice foreign languages
  • Expand the professional and personal horizon
  • Experience an international perspective in all subjects

At the same time, we strive to involve as many teachers as possible in the international activities, since they are important role models and culture carriers who should motivate the students in participating in the international activities.

Payoff and results

Our international activities aim to make students from Viden Djurs more attractive at the danish and international job market. We believe that they will become more attractive as employees when they understand cultural similarities and differences as well as the being able to communicate in different languages. In that way they can take part in the daily contact with customers, colleagues, and partners all over the world.

We hope that our EUD-students wants to take a part of their education abroad following the “PIU-program”, and that our HHX- and HTX-students will get the qualifications for studying in English either in Denmark or a foreign country after graduating at Viden Djurs.

At Viden Djurs we are continuing working to develop our team of teachers with an international perspective. It is our ambition that our teacher will bring home new inputs from travels and international visits.

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