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Professional Day at Kalø

Finally, we can invite all current and former students to a cozy and really interesting day at Kalø! 

Saturday, February 24 - Professional Day is the festive day of the year at Kalø Organic Agricultural College, where we create time and space for going in depth with some of the professional, technical, and biological challenges and solutions, which there aren't always room for in the busy everyday life.

The day will offer joy of reunion, agricultural presentations, interactive workshops and exchange of experiences. The activities are in English. This year's theme is 'Resilience in Farming', followed by Meet&Greet session “Future ownership forms” with organizations who offer alternative ownership forms. Finally, the general assembly of the Kalø Student Association will find place. To finish things off, Kalø's Café Comittee is inviting everyone to join the party in Hegnet.

Time schedule for the day:
10.30–11.00: welcome by Guillermo & Markus with coffee in the dining hall
11.00–12.00: 1. presentation
12.00–13.00: lunch
13.00–14.00: 2. presentation
14.00–14.30: coffee break in the dining hall
14.30–15.30: 3. presentation
15.30–17.00: Meet&Greet session “Future ownership forms”.
17.00–18.00: general assembly for Kalø's Student Association
18.00-19.00: dinner
19.00-00.00: party

It is free to participate in Kalø Professional Day. It is possible to buy lunch and dinner.

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We look forward to seeing you all!

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