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The Danish Educational System

Viden Djurs is a part of the Danish Educational System with the purpose of giving all young people the needed knowledge and ability to take part in the society.

Primary and lower secondary education
The primary and lower secondary education in Denmark is compulsory for all citizens. It lasts for 10 years (0-9 grade). Further you can choose the 10th grade that is optional.  The primary and lower secondary education is provided by municipal and private schools.

Upper secondary education
Upper secondary education consists of general upper secondary education and vocational education and training (VET)

The general upper secondary education prepares the students for higher education. There are four different examination programs:

  • Higher General Examination Program (STX program)
  • Higher Technical Examination Program (HTX program)
  • Higher Commercial Examination Program (HHX program)
  • Preparatory Examination Program (HF program)

The vocational education and training prepare the students for a career in a specific field of work. At Viden Djurs we offer among others the programs:

  • Chef
  • Digtal Media
  • Smith
  • Electrician
  • Global Organic Farmer

If you want further information about the educational system, check out the webpage of the Danish Ministry of Children and Education.

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